Visit to Eger

In between dropping off the kids for the Eger English Camp, taking them to an orientation meeting and then afterward without them, we got to explore a little bit of the charming and historic city.

Our first view of Eger, next to the Castle wall.

The cutest little square at the base of the Castle. Norbert and I had dinner at the restaurant with the green awning the next night.

Siah, Castle behind him – yes, the Eger Castle impressed me, as did the darling little winding streets, so cute and so old European.

Yeah, this pretty well captures my kiddos. Ha ha ha.

View of Eger from the Castle

Inside the Eger Castle

I was in a castle…the history buff in me was in alt, sweet hubby was not nearly as excited, but he walked around ‘the pile of rocks’ with me.

It was a super short exploration, but we hope to go back with more time to play the tourist properly…well, I hope to, the kids will put up with it.  At least they got excited about the cheap and plentiful slushees (compared to in Szeged), so maybe they can be dragged back.


One thought on “Visit to Eger

  1. Karla Tolson says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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