Upcoming Dates for our Family…


It’s beginning to be hard to focus on the here and now, as so much is happening soon. We’ve been able to set some exact dates for our arrival in CA this week, which is super helpful to know as we go forward in making plans. I don’t remember the last time I had so many big events in my calendar. Instead of writing out and describing all these events, I’ll expand their descriptions in the list, but otherwise let the list speak for itself. During our month in Colorado we’ll be doing some internal work on our house, painting and getting the wood floors sanded down and re-varnished, but otherwise hope to see as many old friends as possible. And if you’ve had a recent graduate, you may well imagine the many, many events that will be happening during the month of May, this is not our full planning calendar, just the big events and trips we’d love you to be aware of and praying for. We are also still waiting, and waiting, to hear back from the two colleges mentioned that Danny has applied to, hopefully any day now. Rachel has also had some health concerns come up in the past month, stress is a big factor and one more indicator that it’s time for this furlough-type season back in the US.

Upcoming Dates for our family:

March 27th – April 3rd – Joshua on outreach to Scotland with CC Bible College York, England

April 1st – Norbert teaches a Financial seminar in Backa Topola, Serbia

April 7th– 12th – Danny goes to Israel with her school

April 7th – 12th – Norbert & Rachel have a getaway to London, one day spent in York with Joshua

May 20th – Joshua arrives home in Budapest

May 23rd or 24th – Joshua leaves for his summer internship in Austria

May 27th – June 3rd – Danny goes to Cyprus for her school Senior Trip

June 8th – Josiah arrives from the US and Joshua arrives from Austria, plus Danny’s Graduation Party in the evening

June 10th – Danny’s High School Graduation

June 12th – 17th – Family Vacation in Paris

June 18th – Joshua leaves for Austria

June 19th – Josiah leaves for Colorado

June 25th – Norbert, Rachel, Danny and dogs Stitch and Gizmo fly to Colorado

July 14th– 21st – Josiah and friends drive from Denver to a cabin near Ontario, Canada

July 22nd-28th – Josiah is at Camp Rosalie as a Camp Counselor for the High School retreat, his farewell with kids he’s been the assistant youth pastor to for several years

July 29th -30th Norbert, Rachel, Josiah, Danny, Stitch and Gizmo drive from Lakewood, CO to Reseda, CA

July 30th – Arrive at Grandma’s in California, first week – replace flooring, paint the little guest house we’ll be calling home, find (thrift stores!) and build some furnishings (Ikea), 2nd week – collapse by the pool

Mid-August – Josiah plans to start working for Disney, hopefully in Disneyland to start

Mid-late August – Danny starts college at either Occidental or Concordia University

Late August-early September – Joshua returns to Budapest to live in our home, begins online courses through Red Rocks Community College and starts working part time for Infinitely Virtual