Three Months In…

Me Nov 2018 to July 2019

Met with my Dr. today for the ‘three month evaluation’ since my diagnosis of Insulin Resistance. She is very happy with my progress, my blood work shows positive changes (we now wait a year for another Fasting Glucose test, as she doesn’t want me fixated on the #’s) – but mostly, I’m feeling some amazing changes and those speak louder than any tests. My rise in energy was fast and has remained consistent; I keep being amazed that I don’t need to nap every day, as I had been for years. My periods have become regular (no more nasty surprises!) and have gotten progressively more ‘normal’ – I’m not knocked out and comatose for days each month, wow! Those are both huge folks, huge. I’m also not needing tums or in other ways getting tummy issues from foods. And yes, I have lost a lot of weight! I feel better about my body than I have in years – but that’s a bonus and goes hand in hand with feeling better and getting healthier in general. I’m eating Low Carb High Fat and doing Intermittent Fasting – both of which has been much easier than I expected. My appreciation of foods has risen, when I do have that piece of pizza or that ice cream bar, wow, they taste SO much better. The Fasting has majorly simplified my life too, especially not eating breakfast mostly at all anymore – I just get up and go. But it is all a process, and I’m still in it – and could be for a very long time. My end goal is to not get diabetes and to be a healthier me – I have a lot of precious people to live a long life for. So….here’s to three months in and many more to come! 😀