House Hunters Int., Szeged, HU Episode


This church is the center of our future neighborhood.

We have some exciting news, news that for those who pay any attention to us at all, won’t be all that surprising. We are in the early steps of finally moving back to Szeged, of buying a house there and selling our beloved apartment in Budapest. Szeged stole my heart twenty six years ago, separately, but also at the same time as my own personal Hungarian stole my heart. I’ve often thanked Norbi for being from Szeged, it was pretty smart of him.

This may be one of the longest-to-be-fulfilled dreams of my adult life: buying our own house in our favorite city. So I’m slightly excited. We also hope it’s the last home purchase we need to make, so we’re not rushing into anything, and thankfully, have no time pressure whatsoever. We won’t be actively selling our current home until the start of 2021, but are hopeful we could be in our new Szeged home maybe by my birthday in September, possibly as soon as August.

Enter the bittersweet. We once said, probably too loudly, that we’d ‘never live in Budapest’–it held no charm, seemed noisy, dirty and too hectic. And then, only two years after our return to Hungary in 2011, we found ourselves moving to the ‘big city’ for the sake of our kids and their need for the English-language social world the International community in Budapest offered. This amazing city won us over. It’s not called the Jewel of the Danube for nothing. It wasn’t just our kids who found a social world. Home for most of seven years now, this leaving will be bittersweet. Thankfully, just as we’ve managed lots of visits to Szeged and our friends there over the years, the same is true for visits back to Budapest and our friends here!

IMG_3291 (2)

Night after rain in Szeged.

Any fans of the reality TV show House Hunters International? I love it, and have watched all the episodes available on Netflix. We are living out our own episode now, and so far we’re still enjoying it – ask me how fun it is in a month or so. LOL Will they choose Option 1, right on budget but farthest from their desired location and possibly needing a new roof plus some tiles taken out that Rachel can’t stand, yet having the high ceilings and historical charm they both love. Or will Option 2 win them over, closer to the dream location, but a complete fixer-upper and not very low below budget, not leaving tons of funds but a nice empty canvas. Or maybe Option 3, slightly over budget but in a dream location that could offset the smaller rooms and tiny bathrooms, with the best looking yard by far. Stay tuned to see what they pick…. LOL I sort of want to watch the show myself and skip ahead to find out what we end up with! We head down for some first viewings next weekend, have three lined up so far. At least we aren’t wanting opposite features as often happens on the show – will Todd get his city-center dream, or will Margo talk him into the farm she’s always wanted?

Alsovaros map view (2)

Our future neighborhood!

Right now we’re set on enjoying this process and the house-hunt and looking forward to our next season. Also, we found a great summer activity, since travel is still pretty much not happening. 😉 High on my list, of course, is at least one guest room – we’ll let you know when it’s ready for you!