I wrote a book…

I’ve been rather side-tracked from this blog by the creation of a new website, and various new social media endeavors. I realize I still need to update on here too – and, share my news on this blog as well! For the past two years I’ve been writing and working on a book, and it was published via Amazon Kindle last week, with the paperback coming out on the 30th. “Loving Anna: My Family’s Journey Through Darkness and Back to Joy” was also co-authored with my daughter Anna. Follow the link to the book’s website with more details, including a sneak peek at the book’s Introduction and links to order it:

I blogged a bit about Anna’s story here before, but there was obviously much more to share, a whole book’s worth.

I’ve been learning much through this whole process. After almost a year of attempting to find an agent, I went the self-publishing route, using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. I found and paid a great editor and then an amazing artist we personally know and who know and loves Anna (and Budapest) created a beautiful cover for us. All those analogies you hear comparing creating a book to giving birth are fairly accurate, and it’s with both pride and tender nervous emotions that I’ve plopped my baby out in the world for all to see.

If you do read it, please consider leaving a review, on either or both Amazon and Goodreads. But mostly, I hope my book can encourage and help other families, other kids and other parents not feel quite so alone as they go through challenges of their own. I hope it can highlight the huge importance of that simple act of loving each other, something we can easily brush aside as too simple or not effective enough. Love is always effective.