Short, but Sweet and Serbian

First off, golly I suck at this blogging thing – sorry I have not posted anything in ages. Though, to be fair, we’ve been deep in the unpacking, figuring out life in the big city thing here; more on that in another post. This is going to be short but I did want to let folks know what’s coming up next weekend, and if you’re the sort that prays, feel free. There is a lot we’re still figuring out about what our life will look like here, what we’re to do with our time, how we’re to be useful. But there is something we do know we’re meant to do here, and that’s to come alongside those who already serve and support them, encourage them. Next weekend I’ll be meeting up with seven pastor’s wives to host them to a retreat, a time for them to get away, to be refreshed and I hope, encouraged. We partner in this with our home church of Mile High Calvary and their Women’s Ministry, gathering a month or so after their Women’s Retreat and using the same theme and giving each women a CD of their teachings. I held the first such retreat last fall in Szeged, and it was a wonderful time. Most of the same women are coming back this year, with a few differences, actually it’s turned out rather cool, they’ll all be from Serbia this year – no one from Hungary or Romania could attend this time. English will still be the common language, but yeah, I fully expect to be out of some conversations – wish my Serbian was better, or well, existed at all. I’m pretty excited about what God has for these women, and for the honor of being able to love on them and bless them. Hopefully I’ll be a good girl and will post pictures and share with you all afterwards on here too. And then, I really do want to use this blog more than I have…..heh, we’ll see how that goes, shall we?