Let the Craziness Begin!

Dear friends,

We just wanted to connect one last time before all our traveling and craziness begins.  Well, too late on the craziness.

Here’s a rundown of our week, please keep us in prayer – Rachel is still very tired and recovering, she is getting frustrated at feeling so wiped out so quickly most days.  Norbert is picking up her slack plus a million and one errands plus his full time job – prayers for his strength please – and health for all.

Friday, May 17th is moving day – moving truck and a few movers arrive at 2pm to load up our few belongings and take them to Norbert’s mom’s house where they will be unloaded and fit in just so to her small storage room.  We’ll return for a final night in our apartment.

Saturday, May 18th

–          Norbert’s dad arrives in his car to cart a few belongings and Joshi’s mattress to his place for summer storage; he will then bring those same few items to us when we arrive in Budapest in August.

–          Our landlords arrive; we turn over their apartment to them.

–          Dogs go to Norbert’s mom for their fun ‘summer with Grandma and her dog’.

–          Leave Szeged on an evening train for Budapest where we’ll meet a friend who will give us keys to another friend’s apartment where we’ll stay for the night before heading out bright and early for the airport.

Sunday, May 19th

–          Fly from Budapest (8:25 am) to London (10:05 am)

–          Possibly meet up with some friends at the London airport – working out details…

–          Fly from London (4:05 pm) to Denver (6:45 pm) – traveling West is always funky – we’ll be in the air for 9 hours and 40 minutes, but will arrive only 2 hours and 40 minutes after we leave. 😉  The kids all find this hilarious.

–          Friends will meet us at the Denver airport for some quick hugs and to bring us our minivan, we’ll then drive about an hour to the home of some new friends we have never met where we’ll stay in their basement for a couple weeks.  Please pray we can find their home, in the dark, and while very tired, with no problems.

Wow, writing this all out exhausted me – and yeah, I’m already all tired anyway. 😉

Looking forward to communicating next from the Mountain Time Zone in the beautiful state of Colorado!

Norbert & Rachel