Thank you Starbucks

How did parents used to do it?  How did my parents do it?  I was only 18 when they let me get on a plane and fly half-way round the world.  I don’t remember how long it took before I was able to call home and let them know I had arrived safely and all that.  But there was certainly no ability to walk into a coffee shop with some friends, and have them ‘tag’ me that I was there – and thus inform the world and my nervous parents that I was still alive and possibly hyper from the caffeine.  This is how we learned that Anna had arrived in London, England for her class trip.  She left on Saturday afternoon, and it was not until today that she was able to get online herself and message with us a bit.  But a friend did tag her yesterday, at a Starbucks in London.  And it was from another Starbucks that she got online today, she didn’t have much time but we learned a few key things.  She’s having fun.  Their hotel does not have wi-fi (huge bummer).  She bought me a t-shirt.  Everything is okay.  That was about it.  But oh, it was enough.

Leaving on Saturday for her class trip to London