My New Health Journey

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Finally feeling ready to share some recent health stuff friends. In May I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance. I’d never heard of it. It’s basically that my body has been producing too much insulin, more than it can use and that produces all sorts of problems. It’s also basically the path toward diabetes. My dad and brother have Type 2 diabetes, so that prognosis was scary. My Dr. had me see a dietician, and the amount of information and details of how I was to eat for the rest of my life was overwhelming initially. I began researching and learning. It has been an eye-opening month + for me. I’ve made some big changes and already the results have been sort of amazing.

I’m sharing stuff now for two reasons – I want to encourage you to get tested for Insulin Resistance, the only test is the glucose fasting test in which your blood is taken first thing in the morning before eating, then you are given a sugar drink and your blood is taken twice more at hour intervals. I’d never heard of Insulin Resistance, yet it’s the pathway to diabetes, and catching it at the earlier stage means you have a chance to fight it and reverse it before it becomes full-blown diabetes. Some estimates give it that 1 in 3 Americans have IR, most don’t know it.  Some of the symptoms or signs are: weight gain especially in the stomach, fatigue or lethargy, inability to lose weight and/or keep it off, feeling hungry often even after a meal. It can also effect so many other issues in our bodies, mine was actually discovered as we searched for a reason for issues with my irregular periods and many people with infertility issues also discover they are IR, and dealing with the IR can then enable them to conceive.

The other reason I’m sharing is how amazing I feel since altering my diet and eating schedule. I’ve been seriously shocked. I’ve always been very skeptical of ‘diets’ and ‘miracle elixirs’ that always felt like snake oil to me. I’ve never been on an official diet in my life, outside of changes I made during my pregnancies. My weight gain was slow and never extreme, but did get worse during the past several years, during a time of extreme stress in our family as well. I knew I was stress-eating and doing too much ‘comfort food’, but survival was key and I kept thinking we’d get healthy later. And we did start that ‘get healthy’ season last year, so I’d already made some changes and seen some weight loss before my diagnosis. I’m pretty sure that helped my amazing results and ease of changes.

Part of my research led me to Dr. Jason Fung’s book Obesity Code, which I highly, highly recommend. There is a lot of information out there, much that is also contradictory – the opposite of helpful when it’s all new and overwhelming – I had couple days when I was sort of frozen and unsure what to eat at all! For me, the biggest issues have been needing this to all be sustainable, not miserable, not complicated or involving math for me to eat and I didn’t want to have to buy special foods or ingredients and be a slave to a product or company in order to eat. I also don’t want to be ‘that person’ in a gathering or event that can’t eat from a regular menu or needs special ingredients. So Dr. Fung’s advice has been pretty huge for me, and I’m finding it’s a much bigger issue as to when, how often, and how big my servings are when I eat than actually WHAT I eat. While at the same time, I’ve majorly cut out carbs and sugars. I’m focusing on whole foods and way less processed ingredients. What I eat has only been part of it though, I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting for a month now, and I was amazed at how easy it’s all been. There’s nothing to buy, in fact, there’s less to buy as I’m eating less. 😉 I also cut out all snacks and only eat at meal times…I admit to missing some favorite munchies, and sometimes do a sort of ‘snack meal’ to get my fix. Thankfully too, special occasions and holiday ‘feasts’ are fine, as long as I balance it with ‘fasts’ before or after. Again, I’m aiming for sustainable and not miserable. 🙂

My energy level has amazed me. I’ve basically napped most every afternoon for years and years, I attributed it to our stress and that I don’t do coffee – everyone else got their afternoon caffeine fix, I took a nap instead. 😉 That was the first thing I noticed, after being surprised that I wasn’t starving – I was shocked that my need for naps went away almost instantly. So far there’s only been one real period since I began this full force, but it was also vastly different and again, evidence that I’m helping my body and on the right track for me. I’ve also lost 30 pounds since last year, 15 of that in the past month. Some of that is water, and I keep re-reading Dr. Fung’s points on why his advice won’t have me gaining it all back as happens for so many people. Only time will ultimately tell.

I do stress that my methods work for me, they won’t work for everyone, which is also why there are so many conflicting methods out there. So I’m not really stressing exactly what I’m doing – just that I’m making changes, and that Insulin Resistance, and the issue of insulin as a whole is new to me and I want everyone to know about it. I’m on this new journey and I’m not wanting to be obnoxious about it either, I know how annoying that can be. 😉 But I’m also up for conversation, if anyone wants to discuss any specifics – message me. I’m no expert, but I am pretty energetic suddenly, and looking ahead to still eating what I love while also needing to get a new wardrobe, evidently. Sort of low-key annoyed by that last bit, I’d not majorly gained weight to the point of not fitting in my clothes, and many parts of my wardrobe I’ve had for 10-15 years and they’re loved. L Yes, I realize it seems a crazy thing to be upset about, but like I said, I’ve never done diets before, I’ve not ever dealt with such changes in clothes sizes outside of pregnancies!

So – that’s what’s new with me, and it’s a lot! Still wrapping my head around things, and still figuring it all out, but wanted to share too so I can share more naturally going forward – not that I plan on posting much or filling your FB with recipes and such, I promise!

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  1. Good for you Rachel! Thanks for sharing this, it is important information.

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