Heart Normalcy

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Exactly two weeks ago I went into our local English-speaking medical clinic to make an appointment because my feet were still swollen since our flight here, basically a whole month at that point.  I had extremely high blood pressure for the first time. This lead to a full physical that Friday that produced a concerning EKG reading. Due to the May Day holiday we had to wait a week for the blood results (all came back fine), and then another five days for my appointment with a cardiologist for a heart ultrasound, which was today. The EKG had showed the left side of my heart had possible enlarged something. But today the ultrasound showed a physically normal heart! I responded well to blood pressure meds that included a diuretic and my swelling has gone – but the past week I’ve had growing shortness of breath and fatigue to scary measures – quite possibly stress-induced, though my meds are now being cut in half too. I’ve not really shared much with the world, as it was all very uncertain and just lots of waiting for appointments and tests, with things being ruled out as we went along. The blood pressure issue never majorly concerned me, our life has been very stressful for many years and I know there is much that can be done in diet and lifestyle to improve it – it was the heart issue that I admit, was freaking me out. Being ‘home’ during this time has been amazing, as first we have great medical coverage here, and then many of our circle of friends who are more like family here have been so encouraging and supportive – thank you all! It has been a scary two weeks, and not exactly how we wanted to spend our short time here, but I’ve never been so happy to be ‘normal’. Praying now that the medication or the stress were behind my fatigue and my energy will improve – especially as we head to England on Saturday to see our Joshua graduate from Bible College!

And a now long-overdue post about our wonderful time in Szeged is coming – I’ve just been preoccupied, since this all began just days after getting back.


2 thoughts on “Heart Normalcy

  1. Penny says:

    So glad you were able to rule out heart issues. Glad you are home to check things out. Praying the meds will solve the issues. Have a great weekend in England. Congrats to Joshie!

  2. […] in ways we’d not anticipated – be it deep cleaning our place or too many doctors’ visits (Heart Normalcy) and waiting on a diagnosis. Yet our week in Szeged was really the heart of our trip, and it so […]

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