Better late than never…


Better late than never.  We just, finally, signed Deed of Sale papers and were at the bank this morning signing paperwork for the mortgage to buy our apartment here in Budapest.  The bank will be processing all those papers over the next few weeks.  By some miracle it may be completed before we leave on the 25th, but we don’t really expect that and will be giving Norbert’s sister power of attorney to finish up the paperwork after we leave.  Please pray for our paperwork to go through smoothly, and maybe even quickly.  This timing is frustrating, and yet also hilarious.  God has a great sense of humor.  Our landlady has been very gracious and honest, we are getting our home at the price she was asking three years ago, as well as keeping her word and putting all our rent for the past two years (when we first made a verbal agreement with her to buy the place) toward the purchase, or off the price.  So it is an amazing deal, if rather long in coming – the landlady had taken her bank to court over issues with her mortgage, and could not sell until that was all settled, and it took much longer than anyone expected.  Anyway, it is happening, finally!

And then our family are spread all over the globe this week – with Danny in Cyprus for her Senior Trip, Joshua is in Austria for his summer internship, and Josiah remains in Colorado while our grandbaby Aubrieanne just moved with her mommy to New Mexico last week to live near supportive family there who can watch Aubrieanne while her mommy works and begins college classes.  To recap our crazy upcoming schedule – both boys arrive here in HU on the 8th, Danny graduates on the 10th, we leave for our family vacation to Paris on the 12th, back on the 17th, Joshua returns to Austria on the 18th, Siah flies back to CO on the 19th, the rest of us (dogs included) fly to CO on the 25th and will be in our home in Lakewood for a month with a trip to see Aubrieanne the weekend of July 7-9th, and then moving out to LA (Josiah with us) and my Grandma’s home on July 30th.  Danny will start classes at Concordia Univ., Irvine on Aug. 21st.  Phew.  Please keep praying for all these transitions.