…the evidence of things not seen.


Sometimes pictures tell more than can be actually seen.  At face value, this is a little American girl, healthy and running, perhaps as usual.  What I know is that just a couple months before this she was in the hospital, fighting for each breath and overcoming her first asthma attacks.  Moreover, that those hospitals were in Szeged, Hungary.  When this was taken, we had been back in the US maybe a few days.  Seen up close, our little Anna Danielle had circles around her eyes, pale and eczema-blotched skin.  Her running still worried me and could set her to wheezing. Behind this photo is the fear of a baby in a foreign hospital, in the midst of a season when our family was hurting already and preparing for our unplanned return to the US from Hungary. Not seen is the culture shock this little one, and her two big brothers were going through.  Because of all that is not seen, what is seen is even more precious.  Her joy is obvious, her bouncing motion and the simple fun of a little one with a stick. God’s faithfulness speaks to me through this image, through all that can’t be seen, and through my precious daughter, age three, running on the bridge of my childhood hometown of Mechanic Falls, Maine.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1