We Are Home

Our apartment entrance… Welcome!

It has been an exciting, full, busy and very hot past week.  Hungary is having its second crazy heat wave, again, rather early in the summer.  And we’ve added to the craziness by moving in the midst of it all, lugging stuff up to the third floor.  Yeah, there have been many grunted, “WHY did we pick a place on the 3rdfloor?”  Thankfully our moving truck came with three strong men, who gratefully made use of our teenage boys and they created a pretty cool relay system with everyone just carrying things up one flight of stairs.  It saved a lot of leg work and made everything go super quickly too.  We were also blessed with some great friends who lent the help of their cars for picking up some bought used furniture items, and then their muscles in helping get those items and a few remaining odds and ends from our last place up the many stairs.  We’re moved in, and mostly unpacked, and oh so very happy and at home.

Part of our new living room – that’s a ‘portable’ AC unit in the bow window, making these the best seats in the house!

Looking into Anna’s room from the living room – she says that the tall double doors make her feel like a princess.

Sunday night was our first night sleeping here; we moved Joshi’s mattress and two car loads of basics and suitcases that day with help from a friend.  Dear Laurie was a trooper, even when the mattress flew off her car roof in the middle of the road – it was a classic scene that would be hilarious in a comedy movie.  It was only her and I in the car with our two dogs.  Thankfully we hadn’t gone very far and Norbert wasn’t too long in arriving on his bike to help get the mattress secured better – and then he followed us as we crawled through town annoying everyone behind us.  But it stayed put, and we arrived only a little frazzled and able to laugh about it all.

The view from my kitchen window and our back door – the inner courtyard and balcaonies of our building – sort of like Paris…or historic Szeged. *sigh*

Monday morning Norbert rode his bike back to our old place to oversee the movers, and they packed it all up and were heading our way in less than an hour.  Besides going up three stories, this has been a super easy move as most of our belongings are still in storage in Colorado and we’ve gone from one furnished home to another – it was mostly boxes and only a few pieces of furniture.  We’re leaving some things, books and my scrapbooking supplies mostly, still in their boxes as there’s less storage furniture here.  But in the long term, I love this fact as we can buy our own and there’s room for them.  I’m searching for used book shelves at the moment, but not really stressed about it.  There are some hiccups, such as the previous renters leaving some things broken that they never communicated to the landlords.  The landlords live several hours away, so aren’t here often and had not seen it since renting it out last August until they met us here Saturday morning.  The freezer door is broken completely off, which on the surface is pretty crappy with this heat right now – but, we’re getting a new fridge, which is pretty cool.  Sadly, things are moving at the slow, casual speed so common in Hungary.  But we’ve discovered if we push the ice trays to the very back, they will still freeze.  So it’s all good.  We’re at peace and going slow, so aware of God’s guidance to this home, of His provision and blessing.

My beloved bright, cheery and white kitchen.

We’re meeting neighbors slowly.  There are at least 4, maybe 5 other dogs living in the building, so there has been a lot of oohing and aahing over our pooches, we’re in dog-friendly territory.  There is only one other apartment with anyone in it on our floor, an older couple with a big dog (greyhound I think, have not seen his face yet).  She has been super nice and helpful.  We share a storage room with them, and she came out on Saturday when the landlords were here, sharing useful information about the building, where we can park bikes, stuff like that.

Our dogs have missed furniture with wide backs to lay on – Stitch loves this spot, reachable for a pat from his beloved master as it’s right in front of Norbert’s workspace in the living room behind the couch.

Enough about our new home, we do have one bit of other news too that I wanted to share before it actually happens, as we’d love some prayer covering for next week.  Sunday we all take the train up north, to a charming and historic town called Eger.  Then on Tuesday morning only Norbert and I come home.  We’re getting a pretty good price for the kids.  Okay, actually they’re all going to camp for the week; to an English Camp run by the Calvary Chapel in Eger, as a service to the community and to share Jesus.  Our kids are ‘Native Speakers’ and will be helping in the teaching sessions, and then they’ll get to just enjoy the games and fun of being at camp in the mountains, something they’ve loved and known each year since they were old enough to go to their beloved Camp Rosalie.  It’s a blessing and a cool opportunity for them to serve in the familiar environment of camp.  Speaking English is highly desired here, often needed to graduate college and prized for opening doors to job opportunities.  So it is taught in most schools, but getting to practice in conversation with English speakers is much rarer.  Sort of the idea behind our English Club idea, but with deeper immersion and a more fun camp setting.  Norbert and I will be getting to check the camp out and meeting the folks running it on Monday, making some contacts and maybe getting ideas for our English Club too.  We’d love prayer covering for our kiddos, for them to both be a blessing and to be blessed.  We are also leaving our dogs with Norbert’s mom for Sunday and Monday – she’s excited as she loves Stitch and Gizmo, but with it so close to our move we’re afraid they’re going to be rather stressed.  And then Norbert and I get to come home on Tuesday to an empty house for four whole days!  Whoot-whoot!    Check out the cool video about the English Camp at their website linked to below, click on the giant yellow arrow to watch the video, ignore the Hungarian, you can still get the idea: http://www.egerangoltabor.hu/