The Street Where We’ll Live

A giddy schoolgirl, full of the joy of a blossoming crush, finding any excuse to walk by ‘the street where you live’, as that young man who fell for Eliza in My Fair Lady.  Yes, that is me.  I admit.  I’ve dragged my sweet husband down to just walk in our new neighborhood many times already, to just gaze at the apartment building we’ll be moving into, oh so soon.  My mind is full of it, wondering how we’ll reorganize the furniture, wishing I had taken pictures when we toured it, looking at the collection of photos the owners emailed us, over and over and over.  It’s probably good that we get to move in soon, or this sort of obsession would not be healthy long-term.  But forgive me if I glory in it for just a bit longer, the longing to really settle and create a home has been strong, and frustrated, for some time now.

Taken from the door of our building, looking toward the big park.

Looking back from in the park, the river behind me, our new place through the trees before me.









We ladies have this inner need to home-make, whether it’s ever a full time occupation, or simply one of many roles.  Toy companies would not make so many doll houses if they weren’t such high sellers.  Barbie has more than just clothes and accessories, she has a Dream House (my daughter would insert that she also has horses, but that is another topic).  The furniture in the photos of our new place is just the basics, enough for college students or other renters to make do with.  But really, I’m so glad.  There is plenty of room to add our own things slowly.  I’ve been getting more active in finding furniture stores with things I like in town.  And my list of our stuff that I miss and want to ship this fall is growing beyond functional to some beloved decorative items.  While it has been challenging, I’m so thankful for this time to really miss items.  The rest is just stuff.  I can be more selective and really fashion a Dream Home this time.  So, don’t be surprised if you see me strolling along the streets downtown near our new place, it’s ‘the street where *we’ll* live’.


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