White Kitchens

I’ve always been a sucker for white kitchens.  Maybe they seem cleaner?  It was a white kitchen that was the redeeming quality of the shady apartment we lived in for a few years in Van Nuys, CA in the late 1990’s.  It helped me forget about the loud neighbors, thin walls, pathetic single AC unit and the huge space under our front door that cockroaches could waltz right in through – and they did, along with grasshoppers and a mouse or two.

Back in 2002 we had been living in Szeged for over a year, in an apartment owned by Norbert’s family, with vintage 70’s furniture.  After much saving we were able to replace the kitchen furniture (it’s not built in here – except for the wall cabinets), and I got to go cabinet/counter shopping for the first and last time. I picked white with butcher-block wood counters and lots of drawers.  I got to enjoy my beautiful dream kitchen for only a few months, as we had to leave Hungary early in 2003. So as we apartment searched this time, a place received automatic bonus points for having a white kitchen.

My new Hungarian kitchen cabinets in 2002.

And the new 2002 counter/cabinets.








I also tend to lean toward green to contrast with the white when buying for my kitchen – plus, I came of age in the 90’s, when dark green kitchen accents were everywhere.  Some of the few actual gifts we got for our wedding were dark green and white kitchen towels and hot pads (because we were moving back to Hungary, we asked for money rather than gifts at our wedding). The place we found has a white kitchen, which was a nice feature.  When we got to visit and I saw it up close, it became a lot more.  It could be the same cabinets.  I thought they were until I found the old pictures to compare.  It also has light green counters.  Green.   It feels like I’m getting my dream kitchen back.

The kitchen in our new 2012 Hungarian kitchen.


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